EDIBLE GARDENS. 5 reasons to join the foodie revolution.

26 May

Veggie Garden

So you’re thinking about growing your own food?  Well, good!  ‘Cause you don’t have to be a farmer to reap the benefits. Starting and tending to an edible garden is simple as pie!  And there’s no time better than now to start because herbs, fruits and veggies love the warmth of summer.  Here are some tips and a few reasons to fall in love with edible gardens:

Make it your own:  Throw on those gloves and goggles and start building.  Take some inspiration from Apartment Therapy and create a planter of your dreams.  Indoor or out, you’ll have exactly what you need to get planting.

Eat what you sow & grow.  There are few things more enjoyable than eating the food you’ve put your heart and soul into.  Trust me, those sun-kissed strawberries and vine-ripened tomatoes have never tasted so good!

Be a picky eater.  Your edible garden is your chance to play chef.  Have fun with your selections and be sure they suit your style and taste.  Cocktail connoisseur?  Or just love Mini Citrus Scones? Opt for citrus trees.  Queen of the BBQ?  Herbs make great additions to rubs and marinades.

Keep pests out the eco-way.  Feed your body and soul with food that’s free of pesticides.  Consult with your local garden center for organic soil and solutions for keeping bugs away from your prized plants.

Shake it up, wisely.  We all love a little variety.  But proper plant health is a must.  It’s best to create zones for edible plants that have similar root systems and require similar watering patterns.

In love yet?


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