Five Food Photography Tricks to Shoot Like the Pros

23 Jun

Five Food Photography Tricks to Shoot Like the Pros

So you want to be an amazing food photographer? Well, it just so happens you’re already on the right track. That’s because you’ve been a food expert your whole life—after all, you’ve been eating since day one. You know how good food should taste and how good food should look.

Now that your ego has had a little foodie boost, here are five tricks to shooting amazing photos of your food, just like the pros.

1. Think fresh. Fresh produce is brighter, crunchier and definitely more photogenic.  Think about it.  If you had to choose between fresh green beans and canned green beans, well, the fresh look much more appetizing!

2. Let the food speak for itself. Your food isn’t camera shy. Opt for crisp white dishes so your food takes the main stage. Create the quintessential tablescape for your food, too. That means setting out the right utensils, a fun napkin and bright ingredients in your background. I’m still learning, too, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think the Mini Citrus Scones photo looked superb!

3. Light, naturally. Of course, there are tools, gadgets and tricks to shooting day or night, but natural daylight is ALWAYS the best option. Even better, opt for morning and evening hours so the sun isn’t so intense and direct.

4. Get up close and personal. You and your food are a lot more alike than you’d think. You both have a so-called “good side” for pictures. To find it, shoot as many different angles possible. When you’ve determined the right angle, you’ll know, because the food will look oh-so appetizing! Then, get on in there—the closer, the better—to show off all the colors and textures of your dish.

5. Chow down. You know those friends who say they’re not hungry but the second your food arrives they gnaw off your plate? The same goes for your foodie audience. Rule #1 for getting other people’s mouths to water? Show them how much you enjoy it! Grab a fork and take a bite. Let the crumbs assume their positions and shoot away.

Cooking in or dining out, the same rules apply.  Go grab your camera and have a ball!


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