Omega-3 Lemon Basil Quick Bread

1 Jul

Makes 1 loaf

Omega-3_lemon_basil_quick_breadOut comes a freshly baked loaf of bread and suddenly you’re carb-allergic.  Newsflash!  Unless you’re gluten-free or have a wheat allergy, carbs are good for you.  Well, the right kind of carbs are good for you.  Take the Omega-3 Lemon Basil Quick Bread made with whole wheat flour, flaxseed, olive oil and fresh-from-the-garden basil and lemon.  This sensational summer bread will have your complexion, hair and bod (yes, bod—you can still lose and maintain weight when you consume good carbs) looking young and fabulous.


2 C. whole wheat flour

¾ C. flaxseed meal

2 tsp. baking soda

½ tsp. sea salt

3 Tbsp. olive oil

¼ C. honey

½ C. part skim ricotta cheese

1 large egg

½ C. fresh basil leaves, torn

Zest and guts of 1 lemon


Preheat oven to 350.

Combine flour, flaxseed meal, baking soda and sea salt in a small bowl.  Zest lemon and remove peel.  Chop guts of lemon into little pieces.  Beat oil, honey and ricotta until combined.  Add egg, beat well, then slowly beat in basil, lemon zest and lemon.  Gradually beat in flour mixture until combined.

Transfer dough to a 9 x 4 loaf pan.  Bake for 55-60 minutes, testing doneness with a toothpick.

FOOD THAT LOVES YOU, TOO: Omega-3-rich flaxseed meal promotes healthy, vibrant skin, regulates blood sugar and strengthens cardiovascular health.  It’s also high in fiber, promoting excellent digestion.

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4 Responses to “Omega-3 Lemon Basil Quick Bread”

  1. LeaveIt2Lori July 9, 2011 at 8:17 am #

    This looks so amazing … can’t wait to make it so I can dig in!

  2. foodiloveyou July 9, 2011 at 8:32 am #

    Hey Lori! It really is–if I do say so myself. I tried it again using less whole wheat flour and just replacing with an even amount of flaxseed meal. Turned out a tad bit more dense but was still delish and super high in fiber & omega-3s!


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