10 Fall Produce Favorites

23 Sep
10 Fall Produce Favorites

Image by DOH4 via Flickr

Foodies and fashionistas have at least one thing in common: they can’t wait for the seasonal change to fall.  It’s an extravagant coming out party–gorgeous, seasonal produce hits Farmers’ Markets as fantastic frocks hit Fashion Week runways.  It’s yummy for everyone.  So, in the spirit of all things fabulously fall, this list of 10 Fall Produce Favorites represents the style, colors, textures and tastes that Food, I Love You is currently obsessing over.  And likely, they’ll stay on trend all season!

1.  Sweet Potato. Baked, whipped, emulsified or roasted, this root veggie packs some serious Vitamins A & C to boost mood, support your immune system, protect your eyes and ward off free radicals.

2.  Butternut Squash.  Creamy, nutty, buttery.  There couldn’t possibly be something more delicious than that.  Pairs exceptionally well with sage, apples and bacon, and makes an excellent vegetarian soup or main course in place of meat.

3.  Apples (organic).  Go for the Pink Lady for the most flavorful punch.  Throw it in the crock pot to infuse the juices into your favorite meat and let it slow cook all day long.  Bake it up with a dash of cinnamon and sliver of butter for a lighter, caramelized dessert.

4.  Figs.  Serve them raw on an aperitif tray with cheese, dried fruits, local honey and breads.  Or, grill them and add to your favorite pasta dish.  The smokey sweet is to-die-for.  Figs are also great for weight loss and lowering cholesterol.

5.  Cauliflower.  This seriously powerful veggie is seriously delicious–when cooked properly.  Whip it into mashed potatoes or roast it with olive oil, salt & pepper and rosemary.  Cauliflower can help to protect against certain cancers like Prostate and Breast and it also strengthens your bones.  So chow down!

6.  Brussel Sprouts.  What was once a “yuck” Thanksgiving side dish has become the on-trend veggie of the moment.  Tossed & sautéed with a little sherry vinegar or baked, be a lover of brussels.

7.  Pumpkin.  The quintessential flavor of the season.  Bake it like you would a squash to make a yummy side or the filling to a fabulous pie.  Use the seeds for granola or salads.

8.  Pear.  The wine lovers fruit.  Tastes delicious with virtually any cheese or green and makes a fabulous dessert (especially when dunked into white or red wine).  Infuse a pear or two into your wine with mulling spices to create a delicious homemade mulled wine.

9.  Kale.  Quite possibly the best veggie you can put into your body.  Use in replace of spinach in smoothies, roast it into baked kale chips or lightly saute it with some garlic and olive oil for a body-loving side.

10.  Pomegranate.  An obnoxious fruit but worth all the hassle.  A festive addition to champagne cocktails, salads and soups.  Just make sure not to wear white while cracking into it.

So, dish!  What’s your fave fall food?  Leave a comment and let’s start some dialogue.


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